Organic Baby Body Butter

Organic Baby Body Butter

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Organic baby lotion made to heal irritated skin fast with no chemicals or additives

Made with 3 Organic, Vegan & Fair Trade Ingredients

NOW offering Coconut free options

Our Special Whipped Baby Body Butter is the most richest & unique baby lotions out there.

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Hand crafted in small batches & using only 100% Organic, Vegan & Fair trade ingredients.

Made with rich Organic Raw Shea Butter , Organic Un-Refined Coconut Oil, Organic Baobab Oil

Some of the amazing benefits from this Body Butter -

~Protects baby's sensitive skin
~Protects against diaper rash
~Heals diaper rash
~Great for Baby massages
~Improves & Heals Eczema
~Protects skin during wind, cold & heat

Great gift for Moms, Crunchy & Green moms & babies with sensitive skin.

"I love this body butter for my son. His skin is so soft and his ezcema is clearing up." Melanie P.

"My daughter loves putting this on her lips. Thank you for making something safe" Laura O.

"There is one other use that I want to talk about for Ink Slinger Balm(baby body butter). Many of you know that my oldest, who is 10, suffers from a LOT of allergies and some pretty bad eczema. Lately the backs of his knees have been getting out of control. They itch, and sting, and hurt like crazy. The stuff we had been using we had just ran out of, and I thought that because the Ink Slinger Balm(baby Body Butter) had some seriously amazing ingredients (Organic Raw Shea Butter, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, & Organic Baobab Oil) I decided why not give it a go on his legs. I applied the balm to the backs of his legs for three nights in a row and as you can see…it’s a little miracle worker. By the 5th night of applying it, there was no trace of his eczema at all. He was so happy to not be suffering, he has now requested this be his go to. He has been having horribly chapped lips as well. So of course we had him use it on his lips and they are so much better.

As you can tell it’s not JUST for tattoos. It is this mama’s little miracle worker and I rarely find a product I am so incredibly in love with but, this one for sure makes it to the top! J. Marty

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