Organic Bug Repellent

Organic Bug Repellent

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Keep the bugs away with our 100% Organic Bug Spray!

NOW offering 4 oz Refill Bottles!

Simply spray on legs arms and clothes to keep them away!
Made with simple, transparent and effective oils to keep you outside and enjoying the warm weather.

Ingredients: Organic Witch hazel, Organic French lavender oil, Organic Aloe, Organic tea tree oil, Organic lemongrass oil & Organic Vitamin E (Non-soy or GMO free).

Lemongrass -
has anti-bacterial, astringent, and anti-septic properties. It contains natural insecticidal properties.

Tea Tree -has properties as an antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral. Tea tree oil can be used as a cure for almost all tropical infections and diseases.

Most products contain water and it evaporates at a very fast rate in the during the buggy months. This is a witch hazel base so it sticks and keeps the oils on your skin to protect.

Safe for children and pets!

Application: Spray on exposed areas of skin. Also spray on thin clothing so bugs can not penetrate. Works great for mosquitoes, gnats and other irritating biting bugs!

This is a non staining product! It is not oily either so its safe for everyone. Even better it doubles as a hand sanitizer as well!
All of our products come in glass bottles that are easily refillable or recyclable!

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