Organic Hand Sanitizer

Organic Hand Sanitizer


With all the colds and sniffles going around, I found myself always reaching for the hand sanitizer! Every time I did, I said to myself this cant be good for me( or my kids)! So on the search I went to find the best and safest thing to put on our hands,THAT WAS ALL NATURAL.The mixture of lavender, tea tree oil, and witch hazel, it is so nice and light. If your not use to tea tree oil it can be strong at first but it will go away after a couple of seconds. My husband uses tea tree oil on his feet to kill any bacteria after working in the rain with his work boots (construction workers feet can get gross!). The witch hazel oil adds an extra moisturizer boost so that your hands don't get dry out , like other hand sanitizers. Each jar is 1 oz and like all my products a little goes a long way!!!! One drop will kill all bacteria and make you feel good about your new sanitizer.

This is one of my best sellers at the farmers markets in Flemington NJ. Let me know what you think! My family and I love it!!!

Now in Spray form!

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