Organic Kids Deodorant/Skincare

Organic Kids Deodorant/Skincare


For the last couple of years I have had parents coming to me to purchase deodorant for their little ones. Even though our deodorants are all natural and safe for sensitive skin, children under 12 still need something different. As a mom, it's important to me to put the safest product out there for children.

After many years of research and testing I'm excited to finally release “Just for me” Deodorant and skincare.

Made with 2 organic ingredients, cold pressed and using a special formulation that has been used for centuries.

This product will NOT effect:

Hormone levels, sweat glands, skin regeneration and will not hurt the sensitive underarms.

Not only can your child use this under their arms as a deodorant but also on their face for a toner at night, itchy skin from a bug bite or even a skin rash.

Many natural deodorants are great for adults, but children need something simple and something that is not going to hurt their glands in the long run.

Comes in a 2 oz bottle and can be used right out of the shower or bath.

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