Zero Waste -Forever Jar

Zero Waste -Forever Jar


Our Zero Waste Program is so easy...

Add this to your shopping cart and all items that you order will get a specific personal # on it.

Here at Homemade Betty we are passionate about the planet, the animals and your skin.

We strive to be zero waste as possible in our facilities and would love to pass that opportunity onto our customers as well.

With your order we will create a number in our database with your information. That waterproof # will be on every jar that we send out to you, to identify your products. Your package will be boxed with recycled bio-degradable packing noodles (which you will save for your empty jar returns).

Once the products are all empty, simple place back in your box with customer #. Once your box has arrived we will email you a coupon code for some money off your next order(usually around what you paid to mail back)!

We will then wash and steam clean all jars(no toxic cleaners are ever used).

Once you place your order, we will mix your order up and place right back in your clean forever jar and back into your forever shipping box.

Its easy for you to help out!

If your not interested in forever jar that's OK too!

We would love for you to re-purpose you jars! Here is some helpful ideas to get you started! Store a small batch of coconut oil- make a travel sewing kit -make a small batch of jam -plant a baby succulent for your window. The possibilities are endless with our glass jars!

Being vegan is an opportunity to help everything living! Save the Planet, Save the Animals & Save your Skin.



Zero Waste Awesome!