Organic Peppermint Body Butter

Organic Peppermint Body Butter

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Homemade Betty Body Butter Lotion is Organic, Fair Trade and made in small batches.

NOW offering coconut free options!

A little goes a long way when using my body butters.
A typical 8oz jar lasts one person 4-5 months for your whole body. All my body butters are stored in a glass jar free of chemicals and BPA.

Each jar only has 4 Ingredients in it! Organic raw Shea butter, Organic coconut oil, Organic Almond Oil & organic peppermint!


"I love my body butter! I seriously cannot love without it. And the lavender scent is sooo soothing. Just what I need to start and end my day!"

"The BEST body butter EVER!!! Love your products!"

I started making Body Butters for my family of 5 because we wanted to know what we were putting on our bodies,Plus one of my children had eczema. A year and half later he is eczema free and friends and neighbors are buying it.

I put great care into my products and only make 5 8oz jars at a time. Feel free to ask me any questions about my product. This item is a great gift ! Thank you for your time!

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