Homemade Betty Daily Routine Bundle

Homemade Betty Daily Routine Bundle


I always get asked what my routine is for my skincare and what is I use everyday...

This is my daily setup!
Morning shower always washing my face with Organic Coffee Face Scrub- it not only wakes me up but removes dry skin and takes any puffiness out. Then when I get out of the shower I use my Organic AAA oil cleanser/ moisturizer. 1-2 drops and lightly pat my face. Then I use my extra strength lavender deodorant.( after the kids I need extra strength,lol) then I use my Organic Lavender body butter.
At night I usually wash my face with the AAA to remove all my makeup and dirt. Then my Organic Rose Toner.( toner is so important because there is still toxins and dirt in your water you are washing your face with)

And that's my daily routine... Once a week I throw in the Organic Turmeric Face Mask because turmeric makes my skin glow.


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