Organic Spray Deodorant-Baking Soda Free

Organic Spray Deodorant-Baking Soda Free


 Excited to share our newest product...

Organic Spray Deodorant

Made with 5 Simple Organic, Vegan ingredients to help you smell good all day long.

Organic witch hazel, organic french lavender, organic rosemary, organic ylang ylang & organic tea tree oil.

Spray 1-2 times per underarm and you are set for the day. Need a little extra help mid day or after gym time. Spray and air dry.

Rosemary- anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties.

French Lavender- Disinfects skin, enhance blood circulation

Ylang Ylang- antiseptic & aphrodisiac( clears all the bad bacteria)

Tea Tree - helps fight fungal infections & also helps keep ingrown hairs from happening.

Our small batch process is made to order. Your mixture is fresh and not sitting on a shelf and losing potency.


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