Organic Hibiscus Coconut Cleansing Grains

Organic Hibiscus Coconut Cleansing Grains


Nothing beats our NEW Organic Soap-Free exfoliating cleanser line.

Hand made with fresh herbs, berries and gluten free grains.

Cleansing grains are not new to the skincare game. We love them because they are a Eco-friendly  alternative to soap, they naturally lightly exfoliate, they DONT strip away your skins natural oils, they brighten your skin instantly and they are a natural way to minimize wrinkles!

Our Hibiscus cleanser is for Normal/Acne/Dry/Sensitive

Our hand crafted Hibiscus Coconut cleansing grains are filled with :

Organic Coconut Milk - Rich in cooper and vitamin C it helps fight acne and wrinkles.

Organic Hibiscus Flowers- Purifies complexion, rich in antioxidants, super moisturizing and inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin.

Organic Cassava Root-Removes dead skin ad helps eliminate spots.

Organic Turmeric- Reduces acne and scars. A super anti-inflammatory  spice that calms skin and helps clear away dead skin cells.

To use- Take 1 tsp of grains and add small amount of water. Move mix in small upward circles and massage face. Then  rinse. Follow with our Organic Rose Toner or Organic Te-Lav Toner.


This cleanser is for Normal/Acne/Dry/Sensitive

Note- You may notice that the product has bonded together, since the coconut is very high in moisture. Simply mix together once in hand to break up.

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