Organic Matcha Green Mask

Organic Matcha Green Mask


This amazing mask has a 1-2 punch... It is made with Bentonite Calcium rich clay & Organic Matcha Sweet Green Tea Powder!

Not only does it clear your skin of impurities, it also makes your skin smooth and youthful! I use this mask once a week and have seen amazing changes in my skin.

With your jar of super green clay mask you will get a wooden spoon. Please use this spoon while transferring your product to a glass or plastic bowl. Do not use a metal spoon or bowl(you will deactivate the bentonite).

Instruction: In a small glass bowl add 1-2 spoon fulls of Super Green, then add warm water to desired consistence. Mix with finger and apply a thin layer to face. You will notice a tightening of the mask, as well as pulsating! Wash off after 5-10 min. and moisturize as normal.

If you just have a spot that needs to go away! Apply a small dot on face and let sit for 15-20. By the next day spot will be much clearer if not gone!

The Super Green Mask is Amazing!

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