Organic Renew Facial/Yoni Steamer

Organic Renew Facial/Yoni Steamer


Get your face ready for the most amazing clean! Handpicked herbs in an organic tea bag to help Detox and renew your face Yoni.

Each jar is filled with handpicked organic herbs. Dried by the sun and jarred in house. The freshest home steam.

Our steams also double as a Yoni steam too!

Using this steam, when you are not menstruating is a great way to clean, tone and help circulation for your lady parts.

What's inside:

Organic Chamomile-

Face-You will love how this tea steam minimizes and cleanses clogged pores, reduces blemishes, relaxes tight (stressed!) facial muscles, and leaves your skin looking and feeling softer, smoother, brighter, and younger.

Lady parts-Helps with stress reduction and may soothe monthly cramps.

Organic French Lavender -

Face- For Clear Pores. ... Lavender is a great addition to any steam because almost every skin type benefits from it. Lavender is so gentle, it is antibacterial and thus a great preventative treatment for acne.

Lady parts- promotes healing of vaginal tissue and perineum.

Organic Elder Berry -

Face- Bioflavonoids in elderberries plays a very important role for the skin. The antioxidant activity, combined with its levels of vitamin A, makes elderberries perfect for preventing or lessening wrinkles, helping age spots to fade, and generally improving the glow and tone of your body’s largest and most visible organ!

Lady parts- helps tone and helps with circulation. May help clear out vaginal wall of old monthly cycle.

To Use-

Face- Take a small bowl or use your bathroom sink. Add steamy water and add renewal steamer to your reusable steamer bag. Place a towel over the back of your head and cover with head hovering over sink/bowl. Sit 10-15 min, breathing in the scents. Once done apply Organic Rose Toner to clear any impurities that have some out of pores.

Lady parts- Take a small bowl. Add steamy water and add renewal steamer to your reusable steamer bag. Let the bag heat up for 5 min. Then gently squat over bowl or go on hands and knees and place bowl underneath. Sit for up to 10 min. then done.

 Face-Do once a week to help improve skin and keep it clear. It will make your skin glow and help rejuvenate it after a long week.

Lady parts- Do 1-2 time per month. A week before menstrual cycle and a week after.


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