Organic French Vanilla Coffee Face Scrub

Organic French Vanilla Coffee Face Scrub

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Made with 3 Organic RAW Vegan Ingredients!

Ingredients-Organic French Vanilla Coffee, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our best selling Coffee Scrub is amazing! Taking just 2 finger tips worth of coffee scrub and applying to your face will make it softer, brighter and more toned.

Caffeine does wonders for your skin and helps clears your skin of breakouts and acne. Detoxes your pores and cleans them out with one simple step every other morning.

Helps naturally tightens skin, reduce puffiness, reduce dark circles under eyes, naturally exfoliates and helps minimize cellulite. Need we say more?

Keeping your face youthful,smooth and glowing.

Our 4 oz jar is perfect for your face and upper body.

Our 8 oz jar is perfect for a whole body experience.

Still unsure if your going to LOVE it? Order a 1.5 oz sample jar enough for 2 weeks trial!

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