1. Is there any preservatives in your products?

No, there is no synthetic preservatives in our products! Some of the natural ingredients have some level of preservatives in them. Please refer to contents of the product to see what life shelf they have.

2. Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of my products they are not returnable. Everything is made to order, if you are un-happy with something please feel free to contact me at rebecca@homemadebetty.com and I will assist you.


3. My product has melted during transportation or in my bathroom. Is it still ok to use?

Yes, You can put the product in the fridge for a couple min or up to 20-30 min. and the product will be ok. The property of them will not change and they will stay effective.


4. How does my product stay fresh?

Make sure that you wash your hands before use of your product. All of the products are preservative free.


5. I am pregnant or I have a young child is it safe to use on them?

Yes, all my products are safe for children and pregnant women.


6.I'm allergic to nuts do you make a nut free product?

Yes, I make a nut free body butter with avocado oil in all 3 scents. I can customize any product you would like.

7. I like to send a gift. Do you do special gift wrapping or baskets?

Yes, we have wrapping and custom baskets that are hand picked and unique. Also we will add a note for the special person.

8. When can I expect my package?

Homemade Betty makes everything once you order, so nothing is sitting on the shelf. We make sure everything is fresh! Typical turn around times are between 3-7 business days.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at rebecca@homemadebetty.com or call me at 661-619-5267.