Organic Hemp CBD Balm-200mg

Organic Hemp CBD Balm-200mg


We have been waiting for a long time to introduce our new favorite balm!

Made in small batches and amazing cold pressed oils and butters.

Made with Organic Raw Shea butter, Organic Unrefined coconut oil & Organic Hemp Seed oil infused with Cannabidol oil.

CBD Balm 200 mg

Great for muscle tension, sore muscles, ezcema, skin irritation, sensitive skin. Instantly soothes skin and keeps it soft.

All balms are made to order and can take up to 3-4 days till order is shipped.

Each jar is a 2 oz jar and we will be adding larger jars in the future.

Customer reviews🌿

“Well, it WORKED!!! My horribly itchy hand rash is gone after 1 week of using the Organic Hemp CBD balm! I am beyond thrilled and grateful! This rash was a doozie, the itching was unbearable and woke me up at night, and now it's GONE! ❤”

“I cant even! I had ezcema on my shoulder and the back of my knees. After 1 week it was gone. This stuff is amazing!”

“ I had a rash on my cheek for over 4 months. Within 1 week it was gone! Thank you for making another great product!”


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