Organic Tropical Hibiscus Facial Steam

Organic Tropical Hibiscus Facial Steam


Get your face ready for the most amazing clean! Hand picked herbs in an organic tea bag to help detox and renew your face.

Each jar is filled with hand picked organic herbs. Dried by the sun and jarred in house. The freshest home steam.

Whats inside:

Organic Chamomile-

You will love how this tea steam minimizes and cleanses clogged pores, reduces blemishes, relaxes tight (stressed!) facial muscles, and leaves your skin looking and feeling softer, smoother, brighter, and younger.

Organic French Lavender -

For Clear Pores. ... Lavender is a great addition to any steam because almost every skin type benefits from it. Lavender is so gentle, it is antibacterial and thus a great preventative treatment for acne.

Organic Hibiscus Flowers -

Called the "Botox" of the plant world. Increases skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost. With the incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme, Hibiscus actively controls the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin.

Organic Cranberries-

Filled with antioxidants that promote cell health. These powerful berry will help with skin wrinkles, sagging and help prevent cell stress from everyday exposure.

To Use-

Take a small bowl or use your bathroom sink. Add steamy water and add renewal steamer to your reusable steamer bag. Place a towel over the back of your head and cover with head hoovering over sink/bowl. Sit 10-15 min, breathing in the scents. Once done apply Organic Rose Toner to clear any impurities that have some out of pores.

Comes in a 4oz jar - 4-6 face steams

Do once a week to help improve skin and keep it clear. It will make your skin glow and help rejuvenate it after a long week.


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