5 Things you need to do RIGHT NOW for your skin!

Who doesn't want that glowing skin that Gisele has on the runway of Victoria Secrets?
(wouldn't mind having the body either!)

But seriously... I always wanted this natural glow that would make me look like a dew drop fairy in the middle of the woods.... What to far? lol

I started trying things, that I read would work wonders for my skin...

Egg whites - Honey masks(before I was vegan)- Noxzema -Straight rubbing alcohol - Cucumber peel mask -Red clay masks that smelled like elephant dung and tons more...

I was never happy with the results, nothing really made my skin go WOW!

Everyone's skin is different and I have to say thatit might not work for everyone but if you are struggling with skin issues you need to try this for at least 2 week to see if it will help!

1st. WATER... You hear it everywhere. Water, water, water. but seriously it works... I'm not talking about 1-3 bottles of water each day I'm talking half of your body weight in oz ofwater.
My typical morning is wake up- Oil pull(we will talk about that next) then brush my teeth.
Then drink 2 -8oz glasses of water. This starts my body of right for the whole day.

Then during breakfast another glass of water. Then a dehydrating cup of coffee(I need coffee I have 3 kids) because I need it!

Sometimes another glass in between with lunch. Then another with lunch... One right before dinner, one during dinner and one 2 hours before bed....

LOTS OF WATER! I notice the moment I do not drink, my skin looses it sheen and I get dark circles under my eyes.

2nd. OIL PULLING... I use it to help with bacteria in the morning for my teeth but I also noticed when I do it my chin looks very clear. You want to use a Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil to really get all the bad stuff out.
Bonus - whiter teeth, great smelling breathe & less chin breakouts!

3rd. EXFOLIATE... I exfoliate every other day in the morning during my shower. This way I don't skip it at night because I'm too tired (3 kids again) and my skin is ready for a great moisturizer.
I also notice when I don't do it, my skin on my face is dull and my makeup even looks bad. I only wear a tiny bit for under my eyes and eyeliner/ it just looks caked on. I use Organic Coffee Face Scrub

4th. MOISTURIZE... Now I switch between many different things for my face determined by the season, the time of month and which way the wind is blowing...

Seriously we all know as a women your skin changes every week, with hormones going in and out and not knowing what to do, its better to change it up!
I use the Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil the week after my period, because my skin is happy!
I use the Organic Sun Protection for 2 weeks then
During that time of the month I use AAA Face Oil- 2-3 drops do the trick...
You really have to keep up with your changing skin and hormones to really keep it in check.

5th. SLEEP... I know we all have super busy lives and sleep sometimes just gets in the way! but if you can train your skin to go to bed at least the same time every night and wake up at the same time... It will do good for your body and your skin. I'm not talking about sleeping 8-9 hours. But if you go to bed at 11 and wake up at 5- keep that schedule. Your body will get use to the time and it will help your skin stay in control during the night and day times...

SLEEP, SLEEP Sounds so good now...

I should also mention that I love a good toner... My favorite is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!
The mother ship... I use it when ever I had a long day outside with the kids or when I just need an extra pick me up!

What is your go to crunchy face regime?
I would love to hear what my reader use on their faces every week...

Best Regards,