Perfect Feet without the pricey pedicure

I figured you would love to hear what I do to keep my feet smooth & soft.

Now since having my children, I haven't really gotten a pedicure! That's right I haven't had a pedicure in over 8 years!!!
I know some people think it cant be done... but I have figured out a way to have smooth & soft feet without paying $80 every other week.

What you need:

1- 8 oz bottle of peroxide

2- Towels

1- Foot tub

1-Pumice Stone

1-Pyrex glass measuring 4 cup pitcher ( or something equivalent)

Extra Warm water... as warm as you can stand it!

 Homemade Betty's Organic Peppermint or Lavender Hand & Foot Scrub



-Place 1 towel under the foot tub

-Pour Whole bottle of peroxide in tub( peroxide will actually take care of the cracks- which is really bacteriamaking the dry cracked heels)

-Then add 8 cups of warm water to tub(or enough to cover feet)

-Soak feet for 30min. ( the water should stay warm enough during the 30 min.)

-Lightly scrub heals and balls of feet with pumice

-Take a small amount of Organic Peppermint or Lavender Hand & Foot Scrub  and massage all over feet

then soak for another 10 min. ( add warm water to tub if needed)

-The magnesium will soak into your feet & the peppermint or lavender will kill the bacteria that causes your feet you split and get rough. 

After you take your feet out a dry them... add your favorite Homemade Betty Organic Body Butter to your feet & comfy socks! I love super soft fuzzy one!

All the cracks and dry skin will be gone! I only do this only once a month!!!

You deserve to pamper yourself & not spend a thousand dollars!!!