The Start & Thank You

4 years ago in the back of a busy restaurant, in a banquet room, I sat with what started as Homemade Betty. 3 Organic Body Butters and 1 Coffee Face Scrub.Nervous to share what was really a mission to keep my family healthy and away from toxic ingredients, I set out to see what other thought. To my surprise everyone thought it was BUTTER!!! One woman yelled” I can't believe you have all this butter and no crackers for me to sample it” Another “ Sorry, I just ate. Not hungry”.

After laughing for a good 5 min. I changed me delivery message and people started to try the “LOTION”. It was the start of a true passion fueled by making people a safer and beautiful product, that they could honestly trust.

Looking at pictures today, reminding me of how Homemade Betty has grown over the last 5 years and how thankful I am to have such amazing customers. I truly am so thankful for each and every one of you! Your notes on your orders, stopping by my booth to let me know how much you love the lotion & still have a couple more months left in the jar (lol) & random thanks for helping your little ones or your skin issue; has made every minute of building this business worth it!

As we start our 5th year, I continue to promise you that I will hand make quality and safe skincare. That each custom batch is always made with love and clean ingredients. As our brand grows this year with new products and hopefully a store front, I'm happy to make all your skincare for your family.

Thank you and much love,


Homemade Betty