Young Children and Body Odor

In the last year I have had such a rise in parents asking about deodorant for children. Ages between 5 years old and 15 years old. As shocking as it was, I had been hearing about it for a while. Knowing that allergies and processed foods have been a huge reason, why so many children are having issues internally. I started to do more research on why this was becoming a problem for young children as well.

Most of the information was pointing to not proper cleaning of underarms, re-wearing shirts that had already been worn, food habits (processed food, dairy overload and red meat overload).

Many adults can reverse their body odor by changing their eating habits and working out, to help clear their sweat glands. Although they can still have the smell of the body odor left over. Same for children...

With parents coming to Homemade Betty asking to create something that would work for their children, I knew I needed something simple and effective.

One thing I have always pointed out was that children should not have EO under their arms. Even though our Spray Deodorant for adults has a small % of EO in them for adults, I dont feel growing children need that to help them clear up their body odor. It could change the PH under their arms and might need to wear deodorant from the age of 5 and up. My goal was to create something that would clear up the BO until teenage years have crept up and they really needed a Deodorant.

 Coming out next month is a easy simple organic alternative for younger children. To make them feel confident and not use any commercial deodorant that can hurt them in the future, even natural.

They will be infused with flowers and herbs that will help their gentle skin heal and kill the bacteria, that is causing odor. Please reach out to me if you would like to try this product next month. I have been testing this out for the last year and have great results!