Moving Forward with Loving Purpose

I typically don't spill my emotions on my site. I like to move quietly and share my love of nontoxic skincare through my products. There has always been a voice in the back of my head telling me that there needs to be more. That I need to stand up more and put myself out there more and help people.

Since the beginning of Homemade Betty I have wanted to open a store. Not to just sell products but to also teach others how make these things to keep their family healthy. A place where people can get organic ingredients to make their own, to take classes, to trade recipes, to learn about all the things that we can use from the earth to protect our skin and our families. This passion has been brewing for awhile and when I thought I had found my store , it turned out it wasn’t the right fit, a couple of years ago. I took that and told myself it wasn’t the right time.

I had still continued to take pictures of for sale signs, rent signs and what ever made me feel excited to open a store. I looked at many places over the last couple of years and nothing had turned up good. Until recently, I got an opportunity to look at a place. The moment I saw it I knew it was the right spot. Even though we are still in talks… I’m excited to move forward with this dream finally coming a reality!!!!

I wanted to thank everyone for supporting my little company for all these years and really helping me grow! I will keep everyone updated as the weeks and months go by. I’m excited to move forward with Homemade Betty and to make something all of you are proud of!

If you would like to support our journey there is a couple things you can do!

  1. Shop our Online store… All the money that is made from your sale goes straight to our store fund.

  2. Indiegogo Campaign- A campaign was created for people to donate money in return for classes and products.

  3. Tell your friends- Every time someone looks at my website or buys something helps us get a little bit closer to our goal! Share on social media!

  4. Just sending me support- Doing this is is a huge step for our little company and I cant lie, that im nervous.

Thank you everyone again for your support and love! I wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you by my side.

With Love, Rebecca