Zero Waste Summer with my kids!

Summer is here!!! Kids are almost out of school and ready to take on the day!

With all 3 kids home during the summer I love to keep things simple and exciting. We take day trips to the beach, pool and nature walks. On the daily we are outside 4-8 hours. So it's important for me to have the most zero waste friendly products for the kids to keep our belly’s full, our skin protected and our minds open.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for the kids being home…

Start planning now…

Foods- I always start dehydrating fruits when the spring and summer sales start, around memorial day. If I'm not growing it, I grabbing it from local farmers at the best prices. Sometimes I grab them from the local grocery store too. My kids favorites… Apples, peaches, bananas, pears, mango’s and strawberries. I grab double of what I take for fresh fruits. Then I keep half out for daily snack grab and the others for dehydrating. It takes 1-3 days depending on your dehydrator and then I mason jar them up and store them.

I also make sure I have tons for nuts and handful snacks ready in mason jars. They are easy to grab when we are running late for baseball or to the pool.

We also was have our Healthy Human canteens ready to keep filled with water. They get washed every night for morning fill up. This way everyone is ready to drink their water.

For food storage we have cotton napkins and mason jars. We keep it ultra easy.

Skincare- Since we are always outside, I keep a jar of my organic sun protection in the fridge. It's so cool and refreshing on a hot day. Plus when running to the beach or the pool, I can have a nice cool sunscreen to apply of hot days. I designed this sunscreen because not only did I want something better for my kids skin but because they were always fighting me to put traditional sunscreens on. It was thick and left them white. I combined 5 organic non toxic ingredients just like our traditional body butters. It is so smooth and soft, it's like nothing you n have ever felt in a sunscreen before. Plus we offer #zerowaste jars so when you're done mail it back and we will sanitize it and refill it.

Bug spray… My daughter hates bugs! Her bug alarm for flying bugs is very loud. Thankfully I can give her a spray that i feel safe she can apply herself. Organic Bug Spray has a lemongrass small that will make all bugs flyaway. I designed this to keep bugs away but also to treat bites. if you get a bite, because you forgot your bug spray!!!! Just spray your bite one time to help heal and stop the itching. ( also a secret… you can use it as a hand sanitizer and a deodorant) Not kidding at all!!! I keep 1 in my purse, 1 in my car and 1 everywhere else I might just need it.

Trips- Our favorite zero waste outings include… The beach, the pool, the library and flower parks. We also love going to farmers markets all over to find the best deals and experience other towns cultures.

Have some summer zero waste tips with kids? I would love to hear about them…