Beware of the Plastics...

Let's talk…

We all know that plastic is no good! Right? We don't want plastic beads in our products, synthetic polymers or weird textures that were created in the lab that could hurt our oceans. We all agree we want to save the turtles?!?!?! Yes!!!!

But what about saving you too, while saving the Turtles? I know your thinking... " I already eat healthy and organic and buy "non toxic, vegan" products!

It always blows my mind when companies are like “ We save the ocean, buy our metal straws” or “We have safe deodorant to sell with no aluminum “

Yes these are great option for what we are stepping into, to save our world from toxins and chemicals. BUT DON’T YOU WANT MORE? I MEAN DON’T YOUR DESERVE MORE?

Look, if you're going to buy a deodorant in a plastic tube or even a brown colored recycled tube  ( plastic in the lining). It's still plastic… But before they put that product in that tube, that products is melted so that it can be mixed and poured hot into that plastic tube! We all know that we are not suppose to microwave plastic or cook it on the stove. Why because that plastic breaks down and leaches into your food. So that “plastic” in your “super clean”, “eco friendly” product is ruined.

I know in life we have to choose our battles and yes saving the animals and the earth is so super critical right NOW! But what about you? What about you? What about your body? What about all that you have changed and these companies are still selling you plastic in your skincare. The largest organ is your skin! You should do everything you possibly can to stay away from plastics, even the ones that house your non toxic skincare.

I normally don't write blogs like this because I don't want to make anyone mad or upset. But the truth is, it's so sad to watch these companies still pulling the "vegan " wool over our eyes? Ask more questions from them, ask them for USA made- LEAD free glass, with Zero waste options!

Not to just save the turtles and the ocean but to save YOU!

I would love to hear your thoughts and your journey to being a healthy, ecofriendly human. Leave comments and email me!

Best- Rebecca