New products & why they are super important!

Hi there!

With the heat setting in, I thought it would be perfect to release 2 of my new products last week.

Organic After Sun Skin Conditioner & Organic After Sun Spray

The conditioner is filled with healthy oils & essential oils that help repair and soothe sun kissed skin. Now, I'm not talking about just sunburned skin... I'm talking about sun kissed skin. Being out in the sun for even a couple ofhours, you should have this conditioner on their skin after.  Going to beach, pool or park... After you shower this is what your skin needs.It helps hydrate and brings the skin to a faster healing time. Helps protect against peeling and flaking. It also helps your skin stay tanner longer!

The Spray is for instant cooling, as soon as your done with your outdoor activities, before shower. The spray is a witch hazel base that instantly cools and helps seal the skin. It will help heal skin quickly and reduce any peeling or flaking. Keep it in the fridge or cooler for the perfect summer spray.

Why its important to get out in the sun for a limited time, to give our skin and your body a chance to enjoy the sun's benefits. Its also important to protect and help it heal faster, after we come back in.

Trust me I love the sun and sitting out at the pool but I know that in addition to myOrganic Sun Protection, I still need to help my (aging) skin to repair faster & keep it glowing!

Have a great summer !


Homemade Betty