Krystal's Story

This is the 1st of many stories of skin and how the path of organic, vegan skincare can help heal and change the way you look at skincare forever.

Krystal's Story

After 15 years of turning to high end, pricey & out-there skincare, Krystal struggled with skin that was red, dry and oily(occasional breakouts). Every Facebook group, Holistic Dr. andMLM company told here something different. Nothing worked! After meeting Homemade Betty at a Holistic event, she was at her final straw with skincare. This is her story of how her skin healed and will forever be healthy.

Since a teenager Krystal was told she needed striping chemicals on her skin to help heal her hormonal acne. Scrubbing every night trying to peel the layers of oil and grime from her face to clear her painful acne. In her early 20's her skin became a battle. Red cheeks, dry chin and forehead. Oily nose & cystic outbreaks on the chin line. She saw many skincare experts and spent several thousand dollars on skincare. Forever changing her attitude towards her skin.

In 2015 she went to a Holistic Expo and stop by Homemade Betty's table. Skeptical that nothing as simple as Organic Rose Toner could change her extremely difficult skin, she asked questions. "Rebecca was so easy to talk to about my issues. She did not push any products on me! She listened to my whole story, my eating history, my skincare regimen, and my path to hating my skin." Krystal did not purchase anything from Homemade Betty and took her email address to stay in contact. After thinking about Homemade Betty skincare and looking at the website, she decided to contact HB to ask more questions.

"I was not expecting her to only recommend one product. She told me to give my skin a break and stay with one consistent product to help my skin adjust and then to see what it needs from there." Krystal decided to purchase the Organic Rose Toner. After getting the product Krystal used it every night before bed. In the morning she continued to use her pricey facial lotion and makeup. She was instructed to use the product for 1 month and then to email HB. "The changes that my face went thru were so gentle and amazing. It was no longer red and splotchy. The redness around my chin area was gone and my skin felt amazing clean every morning that I woke up."

Krystal slowly changed her skincare routine to HB nontoxic organic & vegan products. "I cant begin to tell you how happy I am with my skin and how I feel without makeup on. I use to apply so much foundation and creams to cover my face. Now I only apply eye makeup and lipstick."

Krystal's journey to clean, vegan skincare is amazing! Her skin is now glowing and free from chemicals that can destroy her face and the cells under.

Krystal's favorites- Organic Rose Toner, Organic Coffee Face Scrub & Organic AAA Moisturizer/Cleanser.

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