A New Adventure!

A new adventure is about to start for Homemade Betty! We are opening a store locally in Somerset, NJ! This will be a Eco-friendly store with many zero waste options, plus a place for everyone to join together to learn about skincare. We will be teaching monthly classes and having moms night out to make products together. We will be also rolling out new products for the household and in makeup! Of course everything will still be hand made, organic and vegan.

We hope that you are as excited, as we our in this new adventure!

The place we will be leasing is very close to our home so we can still be close to our family. It is an older store & will need a lot of work. We are asking for help so we can keep the integrity of the space, while updating it for a clean & Eco-friendly space. We have started a indiegogo account that will help us reach our goal and make a new home for Homemade Betty. Any amount of a donation is greatly appreciated and each donation comes with a gift (perk). Please take a look at the link below and consider helping us reach our goal so we may continue to educate and create safe products for your whole family!


Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out!

Best regards,


Homemade Betty