Fall, Pumpkins, Warm Sweaters & Cozy Nights

Welcome Fall!

This is one of my favorite times of year! The crisp air, warm apple pies, soup, football & crunchy leaves.

Most of all... I Love the fall skincare line, rich with Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil! We use a organic cold pressedpumpkin seed oil that has such an amazing smell, you have to smell it for yourself.

I always switch up my skincare personally, when the seasons change because my whole environment changes. I'm outside in the cool air more, the fire pit outside is going & I go to tons of events. My skin needs to be able to fight anything that I'm throwing at it.

So what are the benefits of organic cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil for your skin?

1. Its rich in vitamin E- Which helps block free radicals which causes aging, wrinkles andit helps reverse aging.

2. Its rich in Zinc- Which helps with acne prone skin & is a huge anti-inflammatory for your skin.

3. Its very rich in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids- Which helps with age spots and dryness.

These are just a few things that can benefit your skin from the Pumpkin Seed oil.

These products are only here for a limited time.

1 Organic Pumpkin Coffee Face Scrub- If you love our regular coffee scrub than watch out! This is so moisturizing and smells even better. Great for acne, rough t zone and dry overall skin on your body. Best to use in the shower.

2. Organic Pumpkin Fall Moisturizer- Great for your face as a makeup remover, oil cleanser, hair moisturizer or night time face moisturizer. Great and safe for sensitive skin and acne prone skin.

3. Organic Pumpkin Mask - Great for a monthly mask to help detox your skin from the harsh heat of heaters and keep skin glowing.

4. Organic Pumpkin Body Butter - Great for sensitive skin and sensitive noses. No scent just tons of vitamins and antioxidants for healing skin during the cold months. Great for eczema and other skin conditions- safe for children and gluten intolerance.

As always, Everything is hand made when ordered, never touching plastic and always in small batches. Cruelty Free, Gluten free & Simple.


Would love to hear what you think of our fall line and please ask any questions you may have about your skin. We are here to help.

Happy Fall!

Homemade Betty