Summer Skin Care

During the summer I always change up my skincare. I find that, I no longer need my heavy face moisturizer and I have to always add more coffee scrub to the mix.

My morning routine, is washing with my Organic Coffee Face Scrub & adding it to my body routine as well. Coffee has amazing benefits to your skin! It helps pull out toxins and naturally exfoliates the skin. Best if used on back of arms, and back of legs during the spring and summer.

For my night time routine,  a simple Rose Toner with Organic cold pressed witch hazel andOrganic Rose hydrosol. It is so refreshing right before bed to clear all the dirt left over after you wash your face and a nice cooling effect. This has been the only thing that has controlled my hormonal acne in the last couple of years.

Of course I still love my Organic Neem mask to give my skin a quick midweek pick me up facial.

Feel free to email us any questions about your skincare and how you can change it to make your skin glow for the summer!