Tricks to keep you and your family health during this time of year!

Its that time of year... Back to School, Fall is around the corner & getting cozy sweaters out of storage. I have to admit this is my favorite time of year. Nothing better than being inside cooking all day and taking long cool walks at night with the family, then sitting by the fire pit.

The only thing that I dis-like is the whole family getting sick! I cringe at the thought of all 3 kids and my husband being sick all at once. It turns into 4 kids at that point(lol).

I have some tricks up my sleeve though!  Here are some of my favorite things to help during those times of need (you need to stock up now before its too late)

1. ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar(with the mother)... This is the best secret in the world! I use this all the time. My husband and I are so use to taking it we can take it straight off the spoon, but my children not so much. So I make them tea... Warm water, a squeeze of lemon, 1 tbs of ACV & a drop of maple syrup or raw sugar. Its great for sore throats, colds in back or chest or just need a pick me up. I usually incorporate this in my daily fall routine to keep my body in great shape for germs.

2. FLU BOMB- This is a mixture I make a head of the winter and fall so it has time to sit and mingle with the other ingredients. This is a basic mixture you grab a spoonful of and add to tea or hot water.

- 1/4 cup organic Turmeric

-1/4 cup organic fresh grated ginger

-1-2 fresh chopped cloves of garlic

-2 tsp of fresh cinnamon

-1 TBSP of fresh grated horseradish

-1 cup of Agave, Date Paste or Fresh Maple Syrup

Mix and keep in a 8-12 oz mason jar. Store tightly in dark cupboard. Use when not feeling well or just starting to not feel well.

3. Simple hand cleaning- We all do it, Wash your hands with soap!What happens when your out with the kids and they touch everything they can find! A simple and easy thing to do is to get out your hand sanitizer... but what is in this? Nothing good! Our skin is so sensitive to everything that you put on it. Here at Homemade Betty I have designed the perfect hand santizer that sanitizes safely and also moisturizes the skin. A witch hazel base and never any water this simple but very effective santizer is used for many things. Shopping cart handles, door knobs at home when someone is sick, cell phone, steering wheel and little hands out and about. Organic Lavender Hand Santizer

4.Epsom Salt Foot Bath- I fully believe that many parts of your body need to detox and your feet are a huge one. I love my peppermint Epsom salt foot baths when not feeling well or when I need to pamper my feet. Start by soaking your feet in warm water with peroxide to help start the detox. Then light scrub your warm feet with Organic Peppermint Foot Scrub

Then soak for 30 min, not only will your feet be soft but you will feel relaxed knowing that your feet will heal.

5. Dry Brushing- I swear by this... Nothing feels better in the morning, right before the shower to dry brush your whole body. This helps move along all toxins and blood flow thru your body. You start at your feet and work your way to your heart. With light but brisk strokes, to help the body, your lymphoid and your blood to move more freely. You don't need anything expensive either. Find great wooden handle ones all over.

6. Last but not least -OIL PULLING - one of my favorites! Oil pulling starts right at the beginning your mouth. Use Organic Cold pressed Coconut Oil to help pull toxins from your mouth and keep it dentist clean. Great for sore throats, stomach bugs and keeping teeth super clean.

Do you have any crunchy, vegan & super amazing mixtures you use for your family?

We would love to hear!