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Why your zero-waste skincare routine will give you 100% satisfaction
Three benefits of using organic and vegan skincare products


For us, zero-waste isn’t a trend, lofty ambition or a buzz word: it’s our business philosophy. For over two years, Homemade Betty has been on a mission to provide customers with handmade, made-to-order products that are wholesome, certified cruelty-free and zero-waste.


We set our sights on a world where women can enjoy their skincare routines, feel good about themselves without having to feel guilty about the toxins left behind.

Here are three reasons we’re proud to usher this crusade and why you should join our journey:


1. A healthy alternative for your skin

On average, women use between nine to fifteen beauty products daily. This includes cosmetics, skincare products and perfumes. It also means you could be applying up to 500 chemicals to your skin daily!

2. A healthy alternative for the planet

Most beauty waste and toxins are washed down drains, which provides a serious threat to animals and the quality of our waterways. The plain truth is that 91% of plastic is not recycled!


3. How your treat your outside affects your inside   

 It’s easy to trust glamorous ads that promise youthful skin, immediate results and miracles. Take matters of your skin into your own hands by relying on a holistic approach to feeling great inside and out. By reducing and reusing, eating clean and using zero-waste products, you create a positive mindset and headspace for yourself.


It takes simple actions from thousands of people to make a difference. Join us on our mission to leave a smaller footprint for the next generation.


When you order please select the FOREVER JAR OPTION- Its free and you will get a forever jar #. Once done with your product send it back and we will send you a coupon for your shipping to be used on your refill. EASY ZEROWASTE SKINCARE!

=Stay tuned for for me to share with you some of my top easiest ways be to Zero waste in your house!