Detoxing Lavender Ginger Bath Soak

Detoxing Lavender Ginger Bath Soak

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Ready to detox from the day?

Our hand made Lavender Ginger Bath Soak will help. Made from Dead Sea Salt that is filled with so many minerals to help aid in detoxing inflammation, water retention, slow skin aging, increase circulation & keeping skin moist. Organic Lavender a natural stress relief, instant mood boost & smells amazing. Organic Ginger slowly dried in house and hand crushed for an amazing benefits in your bath. Helps with detoxing body of irritants, brings temp up to open pores & an amazing anti-inflammatory. Epsom Salt has high levels of Magnesium to releive sore muscles, inflammation & pain.

Each jar comes with an organic Muslim bag to put your soak in and throw in the tub.(nobody wants to clean after a bath)! Once done empty & hang to dry for the next bath.

All of your products are hand made to order and are carefully crafted to make your skin happy.


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