Vegan Garden Hair Serum

Vegan Garden Hair Serum


What do vegans love to eat? Veggies from the garden, of course!

Introducing my newest product for your hair! Creating this product has been a long process since I wanted something to be perfect for my long wavy hair. Its filled with Organic cold pressed Broccoli Seed Oil ( YES I said broccoli) which prevents hair loss, high in vitamin C, helps smooth out dry and frizzy hair. Organic Carrot Seed Oil which stimulates hair follicles to grow, natural source of vitamins A, E and beta-carotene and natural hydrates itchy scalps. Organic Tomato Seed Oil which has a wealth of fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients and carotene, plus it smells so sweet! Organic Rosemary Oil which helps with stimulating the scalp for new growth and makes hair shiny. Organic Avocado Oil which helps promote blood circulation, moisturize the scalp, strengthen the roots, and encourage growth. Organic Almond Oil which is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and creates a barrier between heat and keeps hair hydrated.

This 1 oz bottle has lasted me over 6 months and I use every night before bed. Also, can be used after blow drying hair to help keep little hairs controlled.

May be used for all types of hair, colored, permed, curly and straight.

Comes in a USA made lead free amber glass jar with a spray top. Spray 1 time in hand and massage from root to tips. Safe to use on all hair.

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