Spicy Avocado Beard Oil

Spicy Avocado Beard Oil


Ready to make your beard a little bit more saucy?

Our Organic Spicy Avocado beard oil is what you need!

Made with

Organic cold pressed avocado oil-A thick moisture base to not only keep your beard soft but to help with the curls that need direction.

Organic Tea Tree oil- to help with killing bacteria and keeping ingrown hairs at bay.

Organic Cedar wood oil- to help keep your beard full and keep it growing.

Organic Japaneses peppermint oil- to help stimulate hair growth and keep dandruff away.


Our spicy avocado beard oil will not only keep your beard looking fresh and full but it also was designed so that your girl will not have any breakouts or irritation.

To use- Add 1 drops to each finger tip and massage into beard. Comb it with a wide tooth comb and done.

Use after showering or when your about to go out.

Pair it with out Organic Hemp Body Butter


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