Sustain Tries Homemade Betty!

Everything is made by hand, by scratch and exactly to order. Homemade Betty is an organic, vegan and fair trade skin care company. It all began at home in New Jersey, where Homemade Betty began making lotion for her family, worried about what products they were using for their bodies. Every product made is something her or her family use daily. Aside from the all natural ingredients, Homemade Betty is sustainable down to their packaging, office and shows. Every product comes in a reusable glass jar and they do not use any paper products. They even use their own homemade vinegar based cleaning supplies, and their show displays are made from salvaged wood. Homemade Betty is a zero waste company and aims to share that goal with their customers. 

Nora Mitchell (Staff Writer & Illustrator)

This homemade green tea face mask, though it smells sweet and its packaging is darling, yielded mixed results for my skin. I was excited to try my new gift from Homemade Betty-- I love face masks and anything green tea. The first two times I used this product, it diminished redness in my problem areas and left my skin feeling smooth. In my hands, I mixed a small amount of water into the light green face mask powder before applying it to my face and leaving time to dry. After drying, I washed it off in the sink (the mask does not peel off, it takes some scrubbing with water) and moisturized my new baby soft face. I’m not sure what happened the next time I used this product, but when I washed it off, my skin was red everywhere the mask had been applied. Whatever caused this reaction, my face cleared up completely within thirty minutes, so it was nothing too serious. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, make sure to check the ingredients before you try this face mask.

Ashley Torres (Production Assistant)

I wish I had found the Organic Lavender Body Butter earlier this winter. I’ve been using it lately to combat New York’s winter skin and it’s been amazing. A little bit goes a long way with this product so I use a small amount at night before bed. The heat from your hands causes it to turn into a smooth oily texture, which I prefer when compared to thick lotions. However, the product doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin, just smooth, radiant skin.

Alyssa Ford (Wellness Editor & Staff Writer)

I used the organic coffee facial scrub and I love it! I’ve been doing it a few times a week in the shower and afterwards my face feels so smooth and moisturized. You can scrub according to how sensitive your skin is but I like to really dig it into my pores. A little goes a long way, just take a small scoop with your finger and rub it all over your face! It’s definitely a plus if you’re a coffee lover like me because as you’re exfoliating it smells like fresh French vanilla coffee- yum! Once you’re done just rinse thoroughly with water.