Organic Baby Body Butter

When I made this years ago for my son, I knew I found a super healing lotion for him and my other children. I always love hearing from other moms when they use this and they have the same results that I have had the last 9 years! Here is a review from a new customer:

"The pictures on the top do not even do justice to how raw my baby girls ankles were a week ago. They were always scabbed, and often bleeding. She cried about them, and would say itchy momma, and she'd go to the drawer where I kept the hydrocortisone cream, and say cream momma! Even w hydrocortisone, the skin looked raw and damaged. I can not believe the difference in a week. The creases are actually healing, and the skin around them looks healthy vs scaly. Now she asks me for butter. 😉 The baby body butter is simply amazing!!!!! Thank you so much Homemade Betty!"

I'm so happy that moms across the board are finding they don't need harsh chemicals and many ingredients to help heal their children dry skin.

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Still unsure? Try a sample size of 1.5 oz and see the difference!