Healthly Hannah-Organic Peppermint body butter, Sun Protection & Rose Toner

One of the many benefits of handmade skincare products is knowing who is creating your products and exactly what ingredients are used to create them. Homemade Betty was born out of Rebecca’s desire to make safer products for herself and her children. Because after all, we absorb what we put onto our skin and harmful chemicals don’t have any business being in our skincare products!


Homemade Betty is a 100% Organic, Vegan, and Fair Trade line that values simplicity and transparency. Most of her products have 5 ingredients or less, so you know exactly what you’re using and can actually pronounce each ingredient! Each and every product is made to order and comes in a cute glass mason jar or bottle. Everything she makes is something that she or her family uses daily. Homemade Betty makes everything from body butter, sunscreen, and face masks, to bug spray and yoga mat cleaner! I tried the Peppermint Body Butter, Organic Sunscreen, and Rose Toner, and have enjoyed all three!




This body butter, which is whipped to perfection, is my favorite from this line. The texture is simply wonderful. Made with only four ingredients, the Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Almond Oil hydrate and nourish skin, and the Organic Peppermint Essential Oil soothes and cools skin. I’ve been using this body butter to transition into spring from the dry winter months. Peppermint Essential Oil is known to relieve achy muscles and even soothe sunburns. In fact, studies have shown that Peppermint Oil improves eczema and psoriasis when applied topically.


If you’re not a fan of peppermint, she also has a French Lavender and French Vanilla, and makes a nut-free version if you have a nut allergy. It comes in an 8 oz. mason jar which lasts the average person 4-5 months for whole body use! A little goes a long way! ($25)


ORGANIC SUN Protection


Did you know that certain fruits and vegetables provide natural sun protection? This Organic Sunscreen is made with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Carrot seed Oil, and non-nano Zinc Oxide to provide you with SPF 30. Both coconut oil and carrot seed oil naturally protect you from the sun. It is thick and creamy like the body butter, but doesn’t leave with that unattractive white pasty look like some sunscreens do. It is not waterproof and should be applied regularly to ensure protection. It comes in a 4 oz. jar and has a 1-year shelf life. ($15)




Toners don’t have to include a long list of ingredients to be effective. The Rose Toner is made with Witch Hazel, Organic Rose Hydrosol, and Organic Vitamin E. It’s great for problem skin as Witch Hazel heals and prevents acne, irritation, oily skin, and redness. Rose Hydrosol (rose water) is made from rose petals and rose essential oil and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It also contains antioxidants which strengthen and calm skin, making it a great choice for sensitive skin. The Rose Toner comes in a glass bottle and should last several months (1 squirt is enough for full-face hydration). ($11.99)



Let me know which products you end up trying. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this handmade and natural skincare line!


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