Organic Lilac Moon Spray-limited edition

Organic Lilac Moon Spray-limited edition


Lets make bed time easy and beautiful! Nothing beats going to bed feeling refreshed and falling asleep easy! Our Organic Lilac Moon Spray is just that!

Made with organic oils and flowers. You can clean your face and spray your linens and go into a deep trance of organic dreams.

Made with organic witch hazel, organic lavender, organic rose, organic lilac and organic geranium.

Growing this plant, picking each flower, drying, and months of infusion.
This micro batch is clearly a labor of love.
Lilacs are the most delicious flowers when you walk past the Bush, it grabs you. It has so many medicinal uses and especially for this time of year.
The best time is the night time to use these products! Helping you sleep, clear breakouts and cleanse your room. Enhanced with lavender, rose and geranium

The Organic Lilac Moon Spray is for your face and your bed!

Helping you go to sleep and making you even more beautiful all at once!
Pair it with our Organic Lilac Moon Salve for a full nights beauty rest!

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