Organic Dandelion Spray

Organic Dandelion Spray


Our 2019 Dandelion Spray is back in stock!

Sweet organic dandelion spray is a lovely scented spray to help with skin irritation, hormonal acne and a full detox while you sleep. Spray before bed for a clear face or keep spray in purse for any skin irritation.

Ingredients- Organic With hazel infused with dandelion flowers and roots.

Our limited stock is very limited. Dandelions are harvested at the beginning of the season and then within in 2 weeks they are gone. Our 1oz jars are made to last! As a family of 5 it takes us a whole year to get thru one jar. Some amazing qualities of dandelions...-high in antioxidants -high in vitamin C to fight free radicals-high mineral base-anti fungal & germicidal-high alkaline to fight skin rashes- high detoxed-soothing agent for burns and stings

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