Organic Lilac Lavender Ritual Bath

Organic Lilac Lavender Ritual Bath


When a plant that is so powerful calls you, you answer.

Our organic lilac comes from a 30 year old lilac bush from 3 generations. A fragrant smell from beyond my years that blesses my house everyday. Last year the bloom became alive and called to me. After careful love this years bloom was more fragrant and beautiful. All flowers are picked at their peak, harvested by hand and dried over 3 weeks.

I mix this with organic lavender grown from our garden and Epsom salt, pink salt.

This ritual bath is only for the hot days, spring and summer.

The Lilac lavender blend helps with sensitive skin from bites, rashes and burns.

A natural anti fungal,astringent, stress reliever and antibacterial.

Take a small handful and add to our zero waste bag, comes with each order.

This is a limited edition line and once sold out they wont be back till next year.

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